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Our Story

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We strive to encourage cleanliness and a happily, healthy lifestyle.

We are in a world where cleanliness is on everyone’s mind. With over 20 years experience in chemical engineering, we are proud to specialize in formulating high quality products with that in mind. 

Once we were happy with the final formulas for our products, we created a brand that feels fun, playful and convenient, to not only encourage people to stay healthy but leave them comforted by the fact that our products will get the job done.

With limited supply over the span of the epidemic and so many inferior brands suffocating the Internet, we knew we could contribute a higher quality product, made in the USA with an FDA approved formula in an FDA registered facility, that does not degrade your skin over time.

That’s why we infuse our products with essential vitamins for greater health benefits.

We are always continuing to innovate and create new products on our journey to encouraging cleanliness.

Please browse our products to find something that fits you.